How will the shipping industry change over the next 10 years?

Rapid technological changes affect all areas. It is not surprising, that companies which use novelties in their activities expect the shipping industry to step forward as well. We share the four aspects, which explain how the industry could change in the near future.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

It is believed that in the coming decade AI will become so commonplace that a robotized device will become an advantage in every enterprise. For shipping companies, this technological innovation will help to optimize economic efficiency, delivery time, faster and more accurate weather forecasting and other important aspects needed for cargo forwarding. Logistics centers will also benefit from it: robots will find the necessary goods much faster, they will be loaded without human physical assistance. This will accelerate the progress of work.

Different ships

Self-driving cars and other vehicles are becoming increasingly popular in the market. What seems to have been in fantasy movie scenarios will become true in the near future. It might be, that some time the masters will no longer be needed: all work will be carried out by self-driving ships. The workforce will be distributed more efficiently, time costs will be saved.

Another important novelty is that due to the faster movement of ships and the greater need of them, the ships will be smaller, but companies will have a great amount of them. Smaller ships will use less fuel and deliver loads at shorter time limits.

Energy Saving

Taking into account the Sustainable Shipping Initiative (2011), investors are exploring new solutions that would help to reduce pollution in the shipping industry. The combination of automation and artificial intelligence should be the most suitable solution: artificial intelligence will help analyze a ship’s data, for example, engine operation, and select the required functions to use as little fuel as possible. Automation will have the necessary settings to optimize device performance. These two technologies should help reduce environmental pollution.

Centralized Management

Currently, it’s easy to track parcels, but this feature should be further improved over the next ten years. The shipping industry will be able to track your parcels in real time, tracking information will be significantly revised. It will be very convenient for both, individual clients and businesses.

We reviewed the major changes that will have a positive impact in the shipping industry. It is possible that more innovations will appear in this industry.

5G Technology

5G technology will shape the future of the maritime industry as well. It will open up infinite possibilities. The experts say that the nearest benefits of this technology will be the utilization of smart drones for real-time monitoring, ship-shore communication for vessel traffic management, the use of Internet-of-Things sensors during search-and-rescue for real-time communications and accurate positioning, so forth and so on.