Unconventional Container Uses in Business

Posted by Rasa

Shipping containers have for some time been no more than steel boxes for transportation and storage of different products. Recently, they have become widely used in business to satisfy the need for a mobile or permanent closed space. Container offices, petrol stations and kiosks open up new possibilities, they are functional, convenient and easy to transport.

Businesses have taken to shipping containers for their simple and quick modification possibilities. Preparing a container for business operations takes 70% less time than an office construction. After purchasing a container, all you need to do is install windows, bring in the furniture and replace the two steel doors with more suitable ones. After transporting the container to the right place, the electricity is connected and the container is ready for use. By the way, a shipping container is eye catching and looks very modern!

When it comes to the advantages of a shipping container over other spaces for business, the fact that it is a green and eco-friendly solution can not be overlooked. A shipping container has a long lifetime, so it can serve multiple purposes and be used more than once. They save building materials, such as bricks, wood.

Unconventional ways of using containers are well liked by startups interested in financially attractive places to develop their business. You only pay for the container and its modification, and then you own it. Businessmen tend to avoid high rent and land acquisition costs.

Here are the 3 most common, original and easiest ways to use containers in business:

1. A café, a bar or a kiosk. Container is a popular solution for a café or kiosk by the sea or lake, in concerts, fairs and other mass events. Choosing the right container size (usually 40 ft) or connecting together and modifying multiple containers allows you to establish your business outdoors or inside of a shopping centre.

2. Petrol station. This is by far the most popular unconventional container use, favoured worldwide. The size and dimensions of a container meet the specific needs of this business, and the installation capabilities meet all the necessary requirements.

3. Mobile office. Mobile offices are necessary in many areas of business that require remote workplaces. A shipping container is an ideal solution due to its construction, affordability and easy transportation. Containers are usually used as security booths, military offices and classrooms.

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