Shipping containers for warehousing

Posted by Rasa

For businesses, looking for warehousing is often a complex and time-consuming process. The location, the size of the premises, and other conditions such as humidity and temperature have to be taken into account, and a budget has to be planned. In cases like these, a shipping container can be the perfect solution. Here we give you five reasons why you should choose a shipping container for warehousing:

1. Durability. First of all, containers are resistant to various weather conditions – they are waterproof and provide protection against strong wind, rain and snow. You can rest assured that a steel container will never develop a hole in the roof, and that the sturdy construction will last for a very long time. The bottom (floor) of the shipping container is sprayed with an anti-corrosive liquid similar to that used in cars, and this reduces the likelihood of corrosion.

2. Price. The cost of a container is well below that of conventional storage spaces, both for purchase and for rent. You can find container prices here:

3. Safety. Warehousing facilities are often made of wood, plastic, fibreglass or other vulnerable materials. They can be easily broken into or otherwise damaged, so it is natural that this poses a threat to safety in every sense. Meanwhile, containers are made of steel and have a single entry point – a double door that can be tightly closed and locked.

4. Pests. Anyone who has dealt with warehousing knows that mice, rats and other rodents are commonplace in storage spaces, especially in winter. Sometimes you hear about fires being cause by wires that have been chewed on. The container’s double doors and steel construction protect against pests of any size, both rodents and insects.

5. Transportation. Containers are the unequivocal winner – they can be transported by different vehicles. This is convenient, takes much less time, and is safe. You don’t have to worry about it because container logistics is usually done by companies.

6. Location. A shipping container is convenient in terms of choosing the location, since you can put it exactly where you need it – whether it’s next to a factory or a farm, or outside of town. Meanwhile, warehousing facilities force you to adapt to their location. Warehouses can be built in the location of your choice, but this entails much higher costs.

If you don’t know which container to choose or have other doubts, let’s talk!