Shipping container homes: why people choose to build and live in them?

The Internet is full of many beautiful and stylish houses, which are built using shipping containers, and you probably have seen them too. It’s quite expectable, that you have had a simple question: why do people live in such houses? Or, are they better than the usual houses? We analyzed the surveys, which were answered by people, who live in such houses and we came to 4 main conclusions, why these houses are popular to live in.


Many people choose to live in the shipping container homes, because they believe, that it will help to save a considerable amount of money. And they are right: to build a house from shipping containers may cost less than 100 000 Euros. Usual houses built with bricks or wood cost considerably more: so why not save money for other things?  Shipping container home is a great cheap house alternative, popular all over the world.


Most of those, who answered the surveys, chose to live in this type of home, because they are promoting the sustainable lifestyle and wanted to build a house, which will be eco-friendly. This reason is really commendable and reasonable: each shipping container, which is used for building a house, saves more than 3500 kg of steel! However, if you want to build a usual house, you will need bricks, wood, etc., or in other words, you are consuming materials, not saving them. Also, a shipping container can always be melted and used for other purposes. A true example of eco-friendliness!


One-third of the interviewed agreed, that the reasons why they built a house from a shipping container is because of its unusual and nice appearance.  For a much lower price, people can create their own dream home style. Believe us! Take a peek at these beautiful shipping container homes.


And the last reason, why people prefer to build a house from shipping containers, is speed. Building a usual house can be a long process, continuing for more than a year. In the meantime, if you will build a house from a shipping container, you will save more than 70% of the time. In the 21st century, the time is the greatest value, so it is not surprising that many prefer to do not waste their time for a home construction.

So, these are the four of the most important reasons why people decide to build their houses from shipping containers. Maybe you have such a house and chose to build it for another reason? Share them with us!