40`Hi-Cube Refrigerated

Today is very popular not only the sale of containers, but such a service, as the purchase of containers.Taking advantage of the container once or for a certain time, many are wondering about how to deal with it in the future. Modern companies offer you to redeem your container for a reasonable price. The final cost is determined on the basis of the current state of the packaging and the length of previous use. As a result, all are satisfied: the owners – because they can gain money for waste container, consumers – as they can buy a used / y container containers at a discounted price.


Length: 12,192m
Width: 2,438m
Height: 2,896m

Door dimensions

Width: 2,310m


Max gross: 34,000kg
Tare: 4,760kg
Max payload: 29,240kg


Capacity: 67,5m^3

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Partnership based solutions
Each load is unique. As each customer has its own needs and requirements. We combine these two elements, find critical points and propose the most suitable solutions. Long-term relationship allows to create effective model of business cooperation.