What is the right container for your cargo? (II) Non-standard containers

In the last month’s blog post we introduced you with standard containers that are suitable for almost all types of cargos. But this time we want to give an overview of non-standard containers, because the sometimes it happens, that clients have to ship non-standard cargos, where standard containers do not suit for the purpose.

Refrigerated containers

The main use of these containers is to store and transport goods, which require the appropriate temperature and humidity. It can be food, tobacco, medicinal products and some chemical substances. These containers have high reliability and the ability to use them for a long time, which is ideal for the retail and wholesale trade.

20/40 feet containers’ dimensions:

Length: 19,69 ft / 40 ft; Width: 7,87 ft; Height: 8,5 ft / 9,48 ft

Tank containers

Tank containers are intended to transport or store chemical or dangerous substances (such as liquefied petroleum gas, toxic substances), and nutrients. It is important to mention that the technical characteristics of these containers vary depending on the chemical composition of the fluid transported or stored (different volumes, pouring in / out, (not) heated).

Dimensions of the 20 feet container:

Length: 19,69 ft; Width: 7,87 ft; Height: 8,53 ft

Pallet Wide Containers

Pallet wide containers have about four inches more internal floor than standard containers, which are such to accommodate Euro-pallets, which are common in Europe. They are 40 feet high and nearly 4 inches wider than the usual 40-foot containers. As the name indicates, this container is usually transports wooden pallets or cargos, which need more width. Although we do not have them in our catalog we can get them for our customers if necessary.

We hope that these blog posts will help you decide what the kind of container is the most appropriate for your needs. Take a look around our container catalogue, where you can find most of the mentioned containers. And if you want consultation – contact with us!