How to properly maintain a marine container?

Posted by Rasa

Marine containers are designed to withstand various weather conditions, which means that, during transportation, rain, harsh wind, snow or direct sunlight usually have no adverse effect on the steel container and the goods contained therein. Although marine containers are long-lived, their service life can be extended with proper storage, transportation, and maintenance.

We recommend following 6 tips:

1. Storage surface. Make sure the marine container is standing on a flat surface that is raised from the ground, for example, concrete blocks. If the container is standing on an uneven surface or it is not raised from the ground, water can accumulate and corrosion processes can begin, which shorten the service life.

2. Door hinges. Please note that doors in a marine container are the main guarantor of security, so they need to be properly maintained. Lubricate the door hinges to ensure smooth and easy operation of the doors. Do not forget to regularly clean the gaps, which helps avoiding rust, especially if the container is not used frequently.

3. Dirt. It is essential to wash dirt: special chemical cleaners and water hose are affordable and effective tools for washing a marine container. Also, pay attention to and remove any rust that will form to prevent further corrosion. The best rust removers are those that contain phosphorus or hydrogen chloride, such as bleaches.

4. Roof. Although the entire container is very sturdy, its roof is not designed to withstand heavy weights. With this in mind, remove snow or heavy items from the roof.

5. Moisture. Make sure that moisture does not get inside the container. Ensure a smooth operation of the air vents to ensure air flow.Before each transport, make sure that the container is properly ventilated. Air flow in the container depends on the arrangement of boxes or pallets – the goods are to be placed without air gaps. Air vents ensures air circulation. True, containers with vents are now replaced by containers with an integrated cooling system. In this case, it should be checked whether the cooling system is working without interference. Also, avoid opening the container door in rain or high humidity.

6. Tightness. The door seal gaskets should be checked or replaced approximately once every 10 years – if the are leaking, moisture generates, which leads to corrosion that shortens the service life.

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