What you need to know about refrigerated shipping containers?

Invented back in 1956, the original shipping container was initially meant for transporting dry cargo. After a few years the containers have become very popular, but they had one major issue; it could not be used to transport goods that were temperature sensitive. This problem forced engineers to find a technological solution to make the container suitable for various conditions. The first attempts were very simple, but now we use good refrigerated containers.

The most popular type of refrigerated containers

Integrated containers currently are the most popular on the market. Porthole containers are changed with an integrated cooling system. This is a more updated solution, which ensures that the goods will always have the desired temperature. Such containers can be transferred from the ship to the other locations without any problems.

The main aspects while choosing a refrigerated container

Suitability to your needs. Pay attention how much space do you need for your cargo. There are three sizes: 20 ft, 40 ft and 45 ft containers. Also consider where the container will be used, so that you know whether it will have enough electricity or other source of energy in that location.

Certificates. Make sure that your container has all the required documentation and verification certificates – this is how you will know that you have a high-quality device.

Quality. The containers are manufactured in accordance to the approved standard, so you can be sure that you will get a quality product.

Weatherproofing. It is very important to pay attention if a container is completely water and wind proof with proper sealing, because if it has such issues, it cannot ensure a needed temperature for a cargo.

The condition of the refrigeration mechanism. One of the most important aspects when buying a used refrigerated container is the refrigeration mechanism. If it has issues, it is probably not worth to invest in such container,  because to repair the refrigeration mechanism is not cheap. It is important to mention, that if you buy a container from a trusted company, they should give you a PTI approval, which notes that mechanism works properly.

Interior condition. Check the walls, floors, ceilings, roof – they must be at least in a good condition. You may need to invest in a cheap repair.

We hope that this guide to the refrigerated shipping containers will be useful for you. It is important to mention, that we give PTI approvals when you buy containers from us. If you need an advice or help in choosing any container – contact with our consultants.