A Marine Shipping Container with a Logo – an Advertising Tool

Posted by Rasa

Every company has a logo, i.e. a distinctive mark that identifies it among many other brands, increases recognition and promotes loyalty. A marine shipping container with a logo can be an effective advertising tool for your business. Studies have proven that a logo influences the subconscious mind of consumers and influences purchasing decisions. Here are the marketing pluses and minuses that a logo may cause when you decide to label a marine shipping container.

A Logo on a Marine Container is a Good Marketing Idea

  1. A logo and colour gamut draw people’s attention helping to stand out in the abundance of other containers. A labelled container is always more likely to be noticed. This is a great opportunity to initiate a dialogue with a customer if a container is created for sea transportation ‒ to attract new contacts from other countries, to try a new economic market.
  2. A marine shipping container with a logo helps to create an image of a reliable, consistent, professional company.
  3. Logo stickers are usually made from high quality vinyl and quality adhesives are tailored to the harshest conditions; you can be guaranteed that the marketing created with the help of a container will be a long lasting and effective one.

Obstacles You May Face

  1. Due to uneven walls a logo can adjust unevenly, losing it shape, lines.
  2. Take into account the fact that around 1,400 marine shipping containers are lost worldwide every year; the effort put may not pay off.
  3. Consider putting a logo on a marine shipping container only if you need a container temporarily; the selling price of such a container drops, removing a logo leaves a mark, and a container loses its commercial appearance.
  4. Over time, a container is increasingly worn out ‒ rust, peeling paint, and there are some cases when logo-labelled containers are not used. All this undermines the overall image of a company.

If you carry out an activity and think that a marine container would be a benefit, you can get in touch with us and we can talk about the terms of the purchase or lease.