How to Renew a Worn Out Marine Shipping Container?

Posted by Rasa

Over time, marine shipping containers in use start rusting and their floors begin rotting away, as the wear and tear are inevitable. However, the lifespan of a container may be extended through renovation.

The areas where rust tends to build up first are the welds, floors, door corners, and the lower part of a container, as these places are exposed to water that acts on the steel and the paint layer fades away. Although the removal of rust is not a very complicated process, it requires some time and knowledge. Here are some basic things for you to know when renewing your marine shipping container:

  1. The roof is the area affected by moisture to the greatest extent, so it is likely that it will need to be renovated first of all. Ordinary gravel or sand are excellent for rust removal from both the roof and the entire container but you can also choose another rust removal means. First, sand down the rust from affected areas, then scrape / remove the paint and, finally, repaint the marine shipping container using regular paint or industrial enamel, this way ensuring a marketable appearance, attractiveness and increasing its value.
  2. If you chose to renew only those areas that are affected by rust, use a metal brush and sandpaper to remove rust. Sprinkle the sanded areas with vinegar and wait for it to dry – this step will help to stop the corrosion. Paint with transparent or metallic shade high concentration paint.
  3. The floors of marine shipping containers wear out due to natural factors: heavy load, chemical spills. If the floor is made of plywood, it should be replaced with new one. We recommend using panels of the same thickness to keep the floor level. If the floor does not need to be replaced, we recommend using a high concentration paint or industrial enamel for renovation.
  4. Any holes in a marine shipping container have to be fixed as soon as possible. The area where the hole is located must be cut out and the new piece of steel inserted must be welded on to restore the tightness of the container. By the way, this work should be entrusted to professionals, as metal cutting and welding requires skill.
  5. Loose doors do not ensure security and tightness, so any defective locking parts, door locks or other sealing parts should be replaced immediately. A slightly more complex and quite common problem occurs when the door does not close completely. The reason for that is the load that does not meet the recommended weight category, which causes the container to ‘sink’. In this case, we recommend adjusting the corners of the container using an automatic lift. This is a dangerous job that is best to be entrusted to professionals.

Whatever the case, the work is done faster and more reliably with the help of professionals. The Magitu team performs high quality container repair and renovation work within the set time limits – contact us.