What you should know before renting a shipping container?

Posted by Rasa

If you have decided that you do not need to buy a shipping container, we have an alternative – a rental service. Sharing some tips that you should consider: it will help save money and you will know that your cargo is safe to reach the port.



You have a load at the point A and want to deliver it to the point B.

The shipping line or the rental / leasing company asks for the fee for the use of the container or allows to use the container free of charge only at the time of shipment.


Magitu will give you the needed container for free. After the shipment, our company will allow you store the cargo for free for a time agreed upon.

What we will ask for this service? After the unloading, place an empty container at the point B.

Generally, shipping lines give 5-7 days for free to use a container (after the arrival to the port). If you cannot unload your container in that period, you will pay fees, which can be even 100 Eur per day. If you ship your cargo by our containers, your container fees might be 0 Eur!

Contact us and we will discuss the directions you are interested in, the quantities of containers and the usage time!

Additional tips if you cannot get cabotage service

Be sure to know the shipment price. Sometimes the rent itself may seem cheap, but the shipment can be expensive. The shipment price depends on the distance.

Decide for how long you will need a container. Some suppliers offer long-term contracts, others – short-term. Some will allow renew the contract on a monthly basis. Everything depends on your needs.

Choose the right container size. Keep in mind that non-standard containers cost more. Read more about container sizes in our blog.

Think about additional services. For example, additional locks for maximum protection, loading through the roof, wider doors, etc.

Check the status of container’s internal and external parts, because your cargo must travel safely.

We hope that our tips will be beneficial!